Why do you need Rain/ Wind Cycling Jackets?

If you are a cyclist, you might have come across all sorts of pleasant and unpleasant weather conditions. Along with the cycling equipment, one thing that is significantly important is the right choice of cycling garments to cope with any urgent or emergency situation. Thus, it is crucial to have waterproof and wind-resistant jackets to keep you protected, warm and dry. Deko has a huge variety of waterproof and wind-resistant jackets with different vibrant colours, unique designs and exceptional features. Though it can be used for multipurpose but cyclists are our main subject of interest. As our rain/wind jackets are specifically designed for cyclists as per their cycling needs and environment.

Are these jackets breathable?

While looking for an appropriate wind/rain jacket. You might be wondering about its breathability because you can’t afford both precipitation and perspiration. One of the major features of these jackets is, that they are highly breathable along with waterproof and water repellent properties. So it helps the cyclist to maintain his body temperature through ventilation in the fabric. The combination of waterproof and breathability keeps the cyclist dry and protected during heavy rainfall or storm.

What is used in fabric construction?

The fabric and materials determine the purpose and use of a cycling garment. Unlike ordinary rainwear, our unique cycling rain/wind jackets are specifically manufactured with technically tested materials and lightweight fabrics. A variety of lightweight, wind repellent, pliable and waterproof fabrics are used in these jackets. Such as 240T Poly Pongee Ripstop, 100% Polyester, Harissa Polyester and Ripstop Polyester etc. So, that they may feel convenient and comfortable regardless of any weather.

Are these jackets comfortable?

Being a cyclist, one of your major concerns would be the comfort level in these jackets. Yes, you want to buy the appropriate cycling clothes to stay dry, warm and protected. But you may also not compromise on comfort and convenience. Deko realizes a cyclist’s urge to wear the most relaxed fit garment to ensure a smoother riding experience. This is the reason we have put extra care and attention to detail to guarantee the overall comfort. Thus, you can stay comfortable with its relaxed fit. And you can enjoy your cycling adventures to the fullest because it allows independent movement throughout the journey.

What are other/ adjustment features?

Besides ideal manufacturing and designing, these jackets have a number of adjustment features which enhance their functionality. Generally, most jackets have a full-length zip at the front with pit zips (vented armpits). Anda mandatory zippered pocket at the back. Specifically, our special waterproof, wind repellent and breathable jackets come with 3 open and 1 zippered security pocket with a rain flop to keep your valuables protected.

There is an airflow flap on the upper back and 2 back holes to carry things from the jersey’s pocket. The zippered pocket on the back has a reflective flap. Seam taping is extremely important, thus our special wind/rain jackets have weatherproof sealed seam construction to further prevent leakage. Some jackets also have an internal storm flap behind the full-length zip. Moreover, it has an elasticated cuff/shoulder and waistband on the jerseys for cyclists. So that they can adjust them as per their body’s needs. You might feel exhausted during the strenuous cycling activity.
Thus deko has utilized vented armpits also called pit zips to prevent the cyclist from perspiration effects. In addition to that, the sleeves of these jackets have front and rear reflector strips and a rear vent. Therefore, there are plenty of specifications for these jackets to reassure your decision while looking for an ideal rain/wind jacket. It will add to your most useful cycling garment for urgency and emergency situations.

What are the key benefits of rain/wind jackets?

As we have now discussed all the features and specifications of these jackets, from fabric manufacturing to the design and fitting. Let’s have a look at some of its key benefits from the perspective of a professional cyclist. They have shared many striking personal experiences regarding these.
Despite heavy rainfall and windstorms, these jackets help to manage their body temperature and make them feel safe and protected. Which is rare to find in usual rainwear. It allows them to stay driest and ventilated at the same time.

Because these jackets absorb water and vapour it away. Moreover, a number of cyclists claimed that it provided protection against the stormy and windy weather due to its wind repellent fabrics and materials. Another reoccurring benefit is that these jackets have a perfectly relaxed and comfortable fit to enhance movement and motion.

Thus there is no hindrance between the cycling gear and the body movement. It also resists abrasion, which keeps it look fresh, neat, spotless and tidy. Summing it up, there are multiple significant advantages and key tenets mentioned. Which could serve as a guide or user manual. If you are planning to invest in some exceptional rain/wind jerseys for your cycling adventures.

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