Triathlon Suits

Why should you have a Triathlon Suit?

Triathlon clothing also called tri clothing has become extremely popular in the recent years. Both male and female athletes prefer it to perform well in different sports and triathlons. These suits come in different sizes, shapes and designs providing a huge variety to the sportspersons. You must have seen the professional triathletes in the triathlon suits for its perfect fit. As you already know that triathlon suits are mainly designed for the triathletes, cyclists and bikers etc to help them race faster while staying convenient.

Are Triathlon Suits Comfortable?

One of the main reasons why triathlon suits are widely preferred by the athletes all over the world is its comfort level. Deko has used Performance XpandaX fabric to help the rider stay dry and comfortable. The fabric construction ensures it to be absolutely lightweight and breathable along with having moisture wicking properties. Moreover, these suits contain a lightweight and quick dry pad specifically designed for the bikers and cyclists to help them stay comfortable and clean.

Is it Practical to wear a Triathlon Suit?

Regardless of your experience and nature of the sports, you must be aware of the significance of right clothing choice. Undoubtedly, tri suits are one of the most comfortable and convenient clothing choice available for all types of athletes. Rather, you may require a more durable and practical garment to accompany you throughout the journey. Luckily, Deko’s tri suits don’t need you to put on any additional piece of garment or change it in the half-way because it serves as all-in-one and can go a long way. You can experience many practical advantages yourself by wearing a tri suit, such as time-saving, durability and enhanced performance as a sportsperson.

Is there enough Stretch in a Triathlon Suit?

Due to the close and aerodynamic fit, you might be skeptical about the stretch in a triathlon suit. But Deko clears this doubt by providing four-way stretch in our tri suits. As discussed earlier, we have carefully manufactured these suits with the most appropriate fabrics for the athletes. Cycling, swimming or running etc. all are quite arduous sports activities which may be affected by many factors such as body temperature, condition of weather, clothing choices and so on. Our tri suits are exceptionally stretchable and provide complete freedom of movement to a sportsman for his uncompromised performance in his concerned sport.

Does a Triathlon Suit provide Sun Protection?

Triathlon suits by Deko are an ideal choice for the athletes all over the world. For this reason, we have designed our tri suits with absolute care and caution to prevent your skin from the harmful rays of sun which may cause sunburn, discoloration and skin allergies etc. Manufactured with the most durable, breathable, lightweight and stretchable fabric, it also contains UPF 50 plus UV sun protection to prevent your body from the harmful effects of sunrays. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about wearing any additional garments with a tri suit because it guarantee complete protection and comfort throughout your journey.

How does a Triathlon Suit look like?

There are different shapes and designs available in triathlon suits but we are specifically talking about one piece tri suits at the moment. There are different designs in one piece tri suits; some of these have full length zip at the front with a half-length zip at the back while some of the tri-suits have a half-length zip at the front. A tri suit is quite convenient to wear and take off which helps the athletes to save time and energy. The athletes have to carry different small provisions and equipment with themselves, therefore our tri suits are equipped with 3 rear pockets for storage purposes. Thus triathlon suits provide you enough storage space and you don’t need to carry any extra storage bag or accessory with you.

What benefits does a Triathlon Suit offer?

After a detailed discussion and overview product of tri suits, let’s have a look at some of its practical advantages and features. Many athletes have shared their wonderful experiences with these suits by calling them the most convenient choice for longer distances. Every athlete has a different environment and body’s need thus he can choose accordingly which triathlon suit fits him well. One of the most recurring benefit stated by the cyclists is that it comes with a built-in lightweight pad that keeps them safe and protected while cycling.
It is a general observation that triathlon suits help to enhance performance and experience of the athletes in their related sports and as a result, they feel more confident and focused. In short, you must consider purchasing a triathlon suit for practicing as well as practically experiencing long distance rides, tournaments, races or any other sporting adventures.

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