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Deko Sports International has a huge variety of cycling jerseys. Cycling jerseys have always been an ideal of the cyclists due to its comfortable and versatile features. Modern cyclists now tend to prefer comfort and carefree clothing for their adventures. Comfortable clothing for cycling is such an inevitable component which holds significant importance for the cyclists. There are multiple options available for the cycling garments but cycling jerseys seem to be most comfortable and convenient choice for the cyclists. Every cyclist has his own unique taste, requirement and choice of clothing but cycling jerseys are suitable for most of the cyclists as these are fuss free and unproblematic. We will have a brief overview of the salient features of cycling jerseys.

Characteristics of Cycling Jerseys

In order to Understand the Characteristics of Cycling Jersey Let’s discuss the most significant features of the product.

  • Moisture Wicking

Cycling jerseys are manufactured and designed with the moisture-wicking fabric that prevent sweating to saturate the fabric and quickly move it to the outer surface of fabric.

It is quite efficient and useful specifically in the hot weather as it helps to minimize the discomfort caused by perspiration.

Polyester has the ability to absorb sweating and has a quick-dry property. Hence it keeps the rider fresh and save his energy by keeping him cool and comfortable.

  • Breathable

Cycling jerseys manufactured by Deko are made with 100% breathable polyester with D-vento fabric construction. It has the properties to completely absorb the sweating which makes it breathable and comfortable against the skin. These jerseys are specifically designed in such a way that ensures ventilation and proper breathing system for the cyclists. Unlike other hefty fabrics and garments that do not let the skin breathe, these cycling jerseys ensure health, hygiene and comfort of the cyclists by having the property of breathability.

  • Stretchable

Cycling jerseys are manufactured with Roubaix and Spandex which has the property of elasticity in it. It means that the cycling jersey is convenient to wear for the rider, as it allows him to move and stretch easily without any hustle. A perfect clothing garment must have the quality of being stretchable as it gives liberty, confidence and freedom to the cyclist to enjoy his ride. Our Jersey is Very comfortable and Stretchable According to the Rider’s Need. Elasticity and having the ability to stretch are one of the most desired features by the cyclists and cycling jerseys serve to be the best choice for that.

  • Lightweight

One of the most prominent feature of cycling jerseys is being lightweight and easy to wear. Deko has a perfect range of lightweight cycling jerseys which are suitable for every weather, specifically for summers. A breathable and lightweight piece of garment is the choice of every cyclist and ideal for them.

These are perfectly lightweight to wear all day long and can accompany the cyclists throughout their journeys.

Designing and Appearance of Cycling Jerseys

After the detailed analysis and overview of all the specifications of cycling jerseys, let’s discuss about its appearance, designing and style. Deko has a huge variety of cycling jerseys which are available in different styles, designing and sublimation patterns. However, the external look of every article is almost the same.

Half sleeve jerseys with full length zip at front, 3 open pockets and silicon anti-slip gripper on the waist.

Some of the jerseys also have power band on sleeves with silicon gripper. It comes with attractive and chic florescent sublimation print design on some articles. There are multiple articles, each with a unique style and pattern to provide versatility to the cyclists. In short, cycling jerseys can be the best companion for the cyclists which can ensure both comfort and style.


Professional and trained cyclists all over the globe tend to be more conscious and cautious regarding their clothing choices and majority of them prefer to wear comfortable and convenient clothes for their adventures. Cycling jerseys are getting immense popularity and appreciation amongst the cyclist for its advanced and versatile features. It is suitable for all kinds of weathers, does not irritate or harm the body due to its lightweight and elasticated fabric and provides complete liberty to the cyclist to move or stretch freely in any direction.

Its unique and stylist appearance adds to its usefulness and efficiency, making the cyclist feel more confident and comfortable.


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