Triathlon Suits for women

One-Piece Cycling Suit for Women
One-piece cycling suit also known as triathlon suit for women has become the most appropriate choice for female athletes all over the world. If you are going on a longer ride or a race. You must be wearing clothes that would least bother you. Thus we can say that it is a two-in-one outfit that meets the needs of most riders by having multiple useful features and advantages. Deko has a wide range of one-piece cycling suits with different designs and colours, available in all sizes. Let’s have a look at some of its prominent features.
Are One-Piece suits flexible?
You might be thinking about the stretchability of these outfits. Deko has designed these suits with a high functionality rate. Many female athletes have reported that one-piece suits are absolutely lightweight to wear, which also provide an excellent stretch to avoid any discomfort. Thus, one-piece suits have an ideal aerodynamic fit which prevents possible inconveniences. It wouldn’t be unfair to label them as the most flexible athletic garment because they can be used for multipurpose such as swimming, stretching, working out and outdoor sports activities as well.
What adds to its Functionality?
The fabric and material which is used in manufacturing these suits significantly enhance their functionality. You might be aware of the fact that these fabrics have a highly breathable tendency to keep the rider dry and comfortable. If you ride quite often, you might be aware of the challenges that come the way; such as sweat and moisture being the frequent ones. Deko’s one-piece suits are exceptionally moisture-wicking due to their Hi fil Mesh and ultra-dry properties. Many experts in the field have shared their amazing experiences with one-piece suits and tagged them as the most convenient piece of cycle clothing, especially for women.
Does it come with Padding?
One of the most crucial segments of any cycling garment is its padding. You must be well aware of its practical implications even if you are a beginner. Since we are talking about one piece of clothing garment which serves the purpose of both a jersey and shorts. It must contain the proper padding. Deko has always been very attentive toward the needs of cyclists; thus it comes with the most premium padding, specifically designed for female athletes. Generally, Polyamide and Spandex are preferred in padding fabric because these have a quick-dry tendency. Different combinations of gel and foam are also technically utilized in padding to keep the cyclist dry and carefree.
Why should you choose One-piece Suits?
There are multiple effective benefits and features of one-piece suits that have significantly made their way into the cyclist’s community. Imagine you are going on a long journey or a cycling race, what would be your major concerns in terms of clothing? Undoubtedly, Comfort. As it would be one of the main aspects that you can never compromise on while choosing appropriate clothing. Deko has carefully designed these one-piece garments to provide complete comfort and ease to the riders. Along with providing comfort, our one-piece cycling suits are quite durable and convenient for wearing and taking off. As women are highly concerned about their skin. We have improvised our suits with UPF 50+ UV sun protection to protect our cyclists from harmful rays. All these specifications might help you consider buying one-piece suits for your upcoming cycling adventures.
What does a One-Piece Suit look like?
It is a one-piece cycling garment for female athletes to ensure comfort with a chic style. Deko has manufactured a huge variety of these suits with different unique designs, vibrant colours, attractive prints and sublimation patterns with the ‘Deko’ logo on them. It also contains 3 rear pockets for storage purposes. So that you won’t need to carry any additional garments or equipment with you during the ride. Many of the one-piece garments have a half-length zipper at the front, others have full-length to allow ventilation. While some of them do not have any zippers at the front. But a half or small zipper at the back to adjust it as per the body’s need. Last but not the least, it also has a reflective part stitched into it that could be visible in the darkness of the night.

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