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Most of the time women have to face discrimination

Most of the time women have to face discrimination in different aspects such as the availability of different accessories. You would be aware of this situation if you really liked an accessory or apparel and it was only men for. A lot of famous sports brands are dealing in men’s accessories and apparel but do not worry about these things if you want to peruse cycling professionally because Deko sports stepped and did the long-awaited justice. It does not only manufacture sport accessories for men but is also famous for women’s accessories.

Cycling jersey for women is one of the top products and best sellers of Deko sports as it is also known as a top racing jersey with high-quality and high performance. It is manufactured with 100% polyester fabric to provide you a quick-dry experience that does not let you get sweaty in long hours of cycling practice. Not only the polyester fabric is quick-dry but also it does not lose its shape and does wear or tear.

The cycling jersey also includes DRoubaix and Xpandex for a durable experience and lifetime grantee. It is a great option to have a lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and dry experience to improve your cycling. If you carry a lot of belongings then it will prove to be a good choice for you as the cycling jersey for women by Deko sports include several pockets with complete safety so you do not lose anything. Also, the flat-lock stitching is going to amaze because it will never lose its shape.

Also, if you are a style enthusiast then Deko Sports brought something special for you. You can have different colours as well as a printed sublimation design to rock your cycling outfit. They also offer multiple sizes so no one is left out from having an amazing experience.

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How can I get my legs stronger for cycling?

If you are a cyclist then the most crucial thing for you will be to make your legs stronger so they can support you on long rides. Cycling might seem an easy task at first glance but as you get into it you will realize that it requires a lot of effort. We can assume that you might be wondering how can I get my legs stronger for cycling.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you clear your thoughts regarding this tense situation. All you have to do is stay focus while going through this guide and follow all the procedures as they are mentioned for the best outcome.

Strong legs for cycling

The best way to get your legs stronger for cycling is to consider some of the best and most effective exercises for your calves, knees, and legs muscles. Here are a bunch of exercises that you can try to make your legs stronger for cycling.


Lunges is one of the best exercises to make your legs stronger as it puts pressure on your calves and knees to enhance their shape and endurance. Lunges will also prove to be a great option for you as a cyclist since the efficient movement of the leg is necessary for cycling to pedal fast. For lunges, you will have to stand straight and then bend forward while keeping one foot and the opposite knee on the ground and at 90 degrees with weight in your hands. Repeat the process with your other leg and knee. It is called 1 rep and you will have to do at least 15 to 20 reps.

Calves raise

Calves raise is a special exercise for cyclists as their lower legs must be strong enough to push pedals fast. You can practice calves raise exercise anywhere without any equipment. The steps of the calves raise exercise are to stand straight on your feet with a little gap between them. You have to raise yourself by lifting your heels and standing on your toes. Now lower your heels down back to the ground slowly. Repeat this process 20 times every day as it is a very efficient exercise.

Squat jumps

The next we got for you in this process of making your legs strong is the squat jumps or box jumps. For this exercise, you will need a durable and reliable box. The exercise puts pressure on your calves, knees, feet, and hamstrings as well as it makes your back strong so you can pedal cycle by keeping your posture right.

Place the box on a flat surface and stand a little distant from it. Now bend your knees in a squat position and try to jump over the box as high as possible while keeping your posture and arms straight for balance. Step back in your original position and do 20 squat jumps regularly for a reliable experience.

Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell swing will prove to be good practice for you a cyclist as it does not only make your legs strong but also enhances your posture for a comfortable and convenient ride. In kettlebell swing, you will have to hold a weight in both your hands steadily. Keep your feet wide apart and straighten your shoulders and back. Now, swing the weight between your legs by moving your hands backward and then forward up to the shoulders. Make sure to keep your arms straight. Swing the weight at least 15 to 20 times.

Split jump

If you are an exercise that can make your legs stronger in a shorter time then split jump is the ultimate option for you because it helps you enhance the power in your leg by putting pressure on feet, knees, and calves. The split jump is somewhat similar to lunges with an added twist of a small jump.

The steps of the split jump exercise include standing straight first with a straight body posture. Move your one leg forward like taking a big step. Do a little jump and bend your knees in the form of lunges swiftly touching the ground without hurting your knee. Now, repeat the last step but move your other leg forward to switch the legs and do a lunge. Repeat the process about 20 times.

Leg press

The last exercise we brought for you is the leg press that is considered one of the most popular and effective exercises for the legs. The leg press is an efficient way to put pressure on your hamstrings, calves, and knees to make them stronger and enhance endurance for cycling. The exercise is very easy to understand but you might feel a little tense if you are starting to work new on this.

For the exercise, you will require the leg press machine which is available in every gym. To perform this exercise, you just have to sit on the machine with balance feet in front of the hips. Now, move the seat back and forth by pushing your feet against the machine. You have to do 20 leg press reps.


Exercise is the best way of all to enhance your legs and make them stronger but exercising regularly is not the only demand here that you must fulfill. You also need to change your diet to a healthy one so you can get the necessary proteins, carbs, fats, and energy for cycling and exercise. We recommend you follow these guidelines and instructions for some days to notice a considerable difference in your legs.

For a comfortable experience, the best practice is to wear yoga pants, shorts, and other exercising apparel as they do not limit your freedom of movement, as well as the breathable mesh, comes along with a quick-dry feature so you do not have to deal with sweating while doing exercise. The lightweight apparel can give you a comfortable and convenient experience. Exercising apparel come with many other benefits for a great experience.

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What and how much to eat on your rides?

Exercise is the best way to make yourself healthy and stronger. You must have heard this a lot of times and fully understand it. But if you are only focusing on your exercising activities and are not concerned with your diet plan then you ate making a big mistake. Diet is also as important as exercise. As a cyclist, we can assume that you must be concerned about what and how much to eat on your rides.

Well, this is surely a question you must ponder over because a proper diet plan during your riding sessions can help you enhance your experience. In this guide, we are not only going to talk about what to include in your diet but we are also going to have a look at the amount of food in your diet so you do not have to face any kind of complications while dealing with this situation.

Types of rides

We categorized the rides into different types so you can plan your diets and meals according to the intensity of your riding. The types of rides include:

Short rides

The first type of riding that we are going to discuss is categorized as short rides. You can consider rides of one hour or less as short rides. For short rides, you do not need to worry much about your eating since you only require a little amount of energy. If you are a pro cyclist and have been riding for a long time now then we can say that you can easily get through the short rides. However, we still recommend you to keep a banana or apple with you in case you feel weakness or dizziness at some point.

Medium rides

The next ride after short rides are listed as medium rides and they range between 1 to 3 hours. Medium rides can be a little intense than short rides since pedaling hard for 3 hours is not a joke to any human body. But don’t worry if you are considering this a very intense situation because proper diet guidance and staying hydrating will make your medium rides go so well and you can have a great experience.

For medium rides, you must carry at least two bottles of water or other hydration drinks with you since the rides are long and you will lose water through sweating. Fill the sweating void with some hydration techniques and you can truly ace medium rides. Besides, hydration fluids, you must also carry 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates to regain your lost energy so you can pedal back home with full excitement.

Long rides

The last type that we got for you in this list of categories is long rides that last more than 3 hours. Pro cyclists need long ride practices to keep up with the pace but they also need to take care of their diets for a healthy long ride. While going on the long cycling rides of more than 3 hours, you must carry 2 bottles of hydration fluids and water with you to satisfy your thirst during rides. Also, carry 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate with you every hour as you cycle in free air.

We recommend you not only stop with hydrating fluids and grams of carbohydrates for long rides. But you also need to take a proper meal at the beginning of the cycling course so you can get all the energy required for rides. Long cycling rides might cause you some digestion problems so we recommend you to switch to chews and blocks so it is easier for you.

Riding intakes

Since we learned the types of rides and how you can deal with them, here is brief information on riding intakes so you can have a better understanding of things and can plan an efficient diet while keeping an eye on all the aspects of cycling.

Let’s start.


The first and most crucial factor you must always ensure before going for a ride is hydration. Cycling produces a lot of sweat and not planning to stay hydrated during your rides can cause you to lose a lot of body water via sweating. This can lead to dropping your blood pressure and you may feel fainting or dizziness.

The ultimate solution for this is to stay hydrated while going on rides and always carry a water bottle and other fluids so you do not lose your control while riding. As a cyclist, you need more water than others because you are losing it through sweating. The ideal amount of water intake for a cyclist on the riding is 10 liters of water to 20 liters of water that means you need 16 ounces of water or fluids every hour.


The next main thing for you to consider in your diet plan of riding or cycling is to add a proper amount of carbohydrates so you can get the necessary amount of energy needed for you to ride. You can take multiple carbohydrates supplements with you on rides but do not forget to take carbohydrates in your meals too because well-planned meals are as important as any other thing. The options you get in carbohydrates to take on rides include:

  • Energy bars
  • Energy drinks
  • Protein shakes
  • Bananas
  • Apples

Conclusion: As we looked deep into the matter and left no stone unturned in providing you all the crucial details, we hope you must have understood everything that we tried to convey in this guide regarding riding diet plans and intakes. This might seem a bit complicated at first but if you focus on the information and plan all the factors accordingly then we guarantee you this will prove to be a wonderful experience for you. Energy bars and protein shakes are great sources to fuel your rides. Also, take enough energy bars and drinks on short and medium rides as a precatory measure.

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Why We Wear Cycling Gloves

Do you love cycling? Are you a big fan of cycling as every athlete? Or are you a professional cyclist? Well, in any of the cases, this blog is surely written for you. As a child, seeing cyclists, a lot of us might have wondered what can be the possible advantage or benefit of cycling gloves that it is a necessary part of every professional cycling gear or kit. Today, we came forward with the advantages of cycling gloves so you can understand crucial factors and make the right decision of getting one.

Cycling gloves help in protecting your hands against vibration and friction that might cause blisters or discomfort. They provide you better grip and temperature control in every season or weather so it can be easy and convenient for you to ride your cycles. Cycling gloves can enhance your performance by providing you extra comfort.

We think this explanation of benefits must be enough to convince you for getting a brand-new and incredible pair of cycling gloves so you can cycle at the speed of the wind. Wait, what? Are you confused because so many options available on the internet?

There is no need for you to worry because we know you deserve the best of all so we brought you some of the high-end and top-class best cycling gloves in UK. 1014 cycling gloves and 505 cycling gloves will prove to be best for you if you are looking for summer cycling gloves. However, if you are searching for winter gloves then we recommend you to go with DEKO D-TEX winter gloves and many other options available on the website. DEKO sports not only provide you high-quality cycling gloves but also include fashion and style in the gloves to give you a professional look.

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Think Before Ride in Rain

Have you ever thought of getting a rain jacket that works best as well as is stylish because you are the kind of person that does not trust nature and also does not want to compromise on your style?

We know, nature cannot be trusted. It can be sunny one moment and the next moment you can see pouring and raining. This can be a huge problem when you live in an area where it happens often since you cannot always delay or cancel your plans because of rain.
The best way to deal with situations like these is to get a rain jacket that not only protects you in such weather but also looks incredibly amazing on you so you can make people astonish around you. We can assume that we have raised your hopes to the sky but you do not ever have to get worried about this when we got your back. We came forward with some high-end rain jackets to help you save the day and be your hero.
The rain jacket you have been looking for for so long is Unisex Cycling and Rain Jacket offered by Deko Sports. The jacket is available in everyone’s favourite colour black with multiple sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. It is very lightweight and soft specially made for cyclists so they do not ever have to postpone their practice with just a little rain.
Well, Deko sports also came up with another option for a rain jacket for you so you can choose what suits you best. The other rain jacket available at the Deko sports is Sheer Jacket available in white as snow that will look so much modish on you. This option also got multiple sizes from small to 3X-large so no one is left out to get the best.