Yoga Pants

Why Yoga Pants are Ideal for Workout?

There is a dress code for every place and event that prepare you appropriately for that. As far as exercise or yoga is concerned, you can do it in regular pants but the outcomes may not be fully satisfactory. There are different specifications and useful health benefits of pants thus you can easily differentiate them from the rest. Deko manufactures a good variety of pants for both men and women. There are many unique designs, vibrant colours and sizes available for you to choose from as per your body’s shape and size.

How Yoga Pants are designed?

You must be curious about the shape, size, fitting and fabrics of pants. Deko manufactures a wide range of styles of pants ranging from looser trousers to form-fitting leggings etc. The breathable and ventilated materials help to improve airflow to keep you comfortable, cool and dry. Elasticity in the fabric is also one of the most significant features of yoga pants that proves to be quite effective while exercising. Carefully designed and manufactured; our pants can help you maximize the benefits of the workout.

What are the Health Benefits of wearing Yoga Pants?

There are multiple researchers and reviewers to validate the health benefits of wearing pants. In fact, it is now widely preferred by people all around the world. As we discussed the importance of an appropriate dress code earlier, it is highly recommended to wear the appropriate clothing for exercise as well. People were not aware of its significance in the past, however, they have now become more advanced and adaptive in terms of choosing suitable clothing for exercise. As people have now become more cautious towards their health and physique, they tend to be more involved in such activities i.e. doing yoga or workouts etc. pants are not only practical but there are also many health benefits attached to them. Let’s have a brief overview of the product and its advantages.

  • Yoga Pants are Hygienic

Everyone is well aware of the importance and health benefits of exercise, as it is essential for a healthy human body. One of the main reasons could be the unsuitable environment that does not let them come out of their comfort zone. Well, you don’t need to worry now because Deko has come up with the best possible solution. You know, a new piece of clothing might stimulate you to go beyond your comfort zone and prepare yourself mentally to go for physical exercise. pants are not only stylish in appearance but also quite hygienic to wear. Do you know why?  You may enjoy the workout to the full extent without having to worry about these petty problems.

  • Yoga Pants are Versatile

Comfort and Durability are the two most important things which you might look for while purchasing these pants. Everyone is busy these days and Deko is well aware of the importance of time. We know that you don’t want to waste your time changing outfits over and again. Keeping this in mind, we have designed yoga pants in such a way as to provide you with both comfort and style hand in hand. Our Yoga pants are highly comfortable due to their fabric construction, fitting and design that can keep you comfortable while working out and even after that. You can simply put on these yoga pants at home while relaxing or going out for a walk or anything.

  • Yoga Pants Boost Your Confidence

The reason for this is the extreme comfort level promised by these pants. pants are specifically designed to provide complete comfort to your legs and buttocks while workout and yoga sessions. There are multiple benefits of wearing comfortable pants; the first is that it keeps you stress-free and relaxed, secondly, it boosts your confidence and lastly, it stimulates you to perform better during yoga or exercise. Undoubtedly,  can ensure you stay calm, comfortable and carefree both physically and mentally. Moreover, a peaceful state of mind plays a significant role in boosting your confidence and enhancing your performance result.

  • Yoga Pants; a Stimulation for Workout

This is a psychological yet interesting aspect related to pants. Well, this has been a major factor in stimulating people for exercise or yoga. This way,  pants serve as a major stimulating factor to encourage people to work out. If you are being sceptical about investing in some high-end pants, don’t worry! We’ve got you. Many experts and trainers generally recommend wearing for workouts or yoga sessions. Therefore, you can easily make a purchase without thinking much about its practical uses and significance.

  • Yoga Pants Allow Breathability and Stretch

The fabric construction and materials used in yoga pants play a significant role in providing stretch along with breathability to the users. To stay comfortable, dry and cool while exercising, the human body needs to be wearing breathable garments in order to allow airflow and ventilation.  pants are ideal for this because they are not too tight-fitting or constricting on the body. For stretching purposes, yoga pants are quite suitable due to the elasticity element in their fabric. Therefore, you must prefer comfort and elasticity in the fabric while picking the best pants for yourself.

What are the Key Benefits and Practical Uses of Yoga Pants?

You can have a look at the reviews and benefits to have an overview of the product before making a purchase.

  • The shape and fitting make them look so chic and help to boost confidence ultimately.
  • Yoga pants are exceptionally suitable for all body shapes and sizes specifically for women. However, you need to know and measure your exact body size for a perfect fit.
  • There is a huge variety of lengths, styles and sizes available for you depending on the type of workout or yoga session.
  • Unlike many other gym wears, yoga pants do not suffocate the skin while keeping it pleasant throughout.
  • The shape and fitting make them look so chic and help to boost confidence ultimately.
  • Yoga pants are exceptionally suitable for all body shapes and sizes specifically for women. However, you need to know and measure your exact body size for a perfect fit.
  • Many people prefer to wear pants while travelling due to their perfect stretch and comfort.
  • It is equally good to put on pants both in winter and summer as well because it has moisture-wicking capability.
  • Many people prefer to wear pants while travelling due to their perfect stretch and comfort.

How Yoga Pants are designed?

You must be curious about the shape, size, fitting and fabrics of pants. Deko manufactures a wide range of styles of pants ranging from looser trousers to form-fitting leggings etc. The breathable and ventilated materials help to improve airflow to keep you comfortable, cool and dry. Carefully designed and manufactured; our pants can help you maximize the benefits of the workout.

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Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts

Women’s Padded cycling shorts are one of the most popular choices of female cyclists across the world. It has multiple useful features and advantages to ensure a comfortable ride. Deko has specifically designed the padded cycling shorts according to the shapes and curves of females. It prevents the riders from chafing, saddle sores and discomfort while riding. There are various unisex cycling shorts available in the market but here we are discussing the padded shorts specifically designed for female cyclists. And do you know what makes cycling shorts a perfect choice for women? Well, it is the chamois that serves the purpose. Thus, it is important to know about the features and practical advantages of ideal padded cycling shorts for women. Let’s have a detailed overview!

What are the features of the best Women’s Padded Cycling Shorts?

As a female biker or a cyclist, if you are planning to buy cycling shorts for yourself, you don’t need to worry now because Deko has the best quality cycling shorts in stock for you. You might be wondering what to look for in ideal padded cycling shorts, well you can have a close look at the features of the garment to make up your mind for purchasing. Here are some of its key features and functionalities discussed below in detail.

How are the Chamois?

It is crucial to have a comfortable, hygienic and right-sized chamois in your cycling shorts because it plays a significant role in cycling. Deko has specifically designed the chamois according to the female body type to provide protection and comfort to their most sensitive areas. Our women’s cycling shorts have a 3D comfortable gel seat pad and 3D Coolmax antibacterial seat pad with flatlock seams construction for a smooth and comfortable fit. There is also a huge variety of chamois available to ensure your comfort and safety. Thus, our padded cycling shorts are perfect for women to enjoy their long-distance riding experiences.

How is the Fabric Construction?

The fabrics and materials used in a garment determine its functionality and purpose. The fabrics and materials are carefully utilized to serve the purpose. spandex fabric construction is used in the shorts that shed heat quickly, wick moisture and evaporate moisture extremely quickly. Thus, our women’s padded cycling shorts ensure three things; comfort, hygiene and confidence of the riders throughout the journey.

Is it Convenient to wear?

Unlike most of the cycling shorts available in the market, our padded cycling shorts provide 4-way stretch and movability to the cyclists making them a convenient choice for females. Deko has carefully designed and manufactured these cycling shorts specifically for women. You must choose the right size according to your body type for your own convenience and comfort all along.

How does it look?

Women are quite concerned about the style and design of the shorts along with the comfort and safety. Deko has a huge variety of padded cycling shorts for women in different unique designs, vibrant colours and chamois sizes etc. making them chic and presentable. It has Deko reflector logo printing and sublimation designs to enhance its style. You can wear these cycling shorts on all your cycling adventures without having to worry about their functionality and usefulness.

General Experiences and Reviews of the female cyclists.

Cycling shorts are different from regular shorts and thus technically designed to serve the purpose. Female cyclists all over the world have shared their valuable experiences regarding the significance of padded cycling shorts. There are different benefits and advantages stated by them based on their personal experiences. The most reoccurring benefit is the comfort and safety it provides them throughout the journey. It gives them more confidence and control on the saddle by providing protection. Another major advantage is its smooth and comfortable fit along with chamois to absorb sweating. The grippers on the waist and hem make it convenient and unproblematic while wearing as it does not slip away. Moreover, these are suitable for longer rides because they are super stretchable, breathable and prevent chafing/ bunching. Therefore, padded cycling shorts could be the right choice for female cyclists for uncompromised performance in their cycling adventures.


Triathlon Suits

Why should you have a Triathlon Suit?

Triathlon clothing also called tri clothing has become extremely popular in the recent years. Both male and female athletes prefer it to perform well in different sports and triathlons. These suits come in different sizes, shapes and designs providing a huge variety to the sportspersons. You must have seen the professional triathletes in the triathlon suits for its perfect fit. As you already know that triathlon suits are mainly designed for the triathletes, cyclists and bikers etc to help them race faster while staying convenient.

Are Triathlon Suits Comfortable?

One of the main reasons why triathlon suits are widely preferred by the athletes all over the world is its comfort level. Deko has used Performance XpandaX fabric to help the rider stay dry and comfortable. The fabric construction ensures it to be absolutely lightweight and breathable along with having moisture wicking properties. Moreover, these suits contain a lightweight and quick dry pad specifically designed for the bikers and cyclists to help them stay comfortable and clean.

Is it Practical to wear a Triathlon Suit?

Regardless of your experience and nature of the sports, you must be aware of the significance of right clothing choice. Undoubtedly, tri suits are one of the most comfortable and convenient clothing choice available for all types of athletes. Rather, you may require a more durable and practical garment to accompany you throughout the journey. Luckily, Deko’s tri suits don’t need you to put on any additional piece of garment or change it in the half-way because it serves as all-in-one and can go a long way. You can experience many practical advantages yourself by wearing a tri suit, such as time-saving, durability and enhanced performance as a sportsperson.

Is there enough Stretch in a Triathlon Suit?

Due to the close and aerodynamic fit, you might be skeptical about the stretch in a triathlon suit. But Deko clears this doubt by providing four-way stretch in our tri suits. As discussed earlier, we have carefully manufactured these suits with the most appropriate fabrics for the athletes. Cycling, swimming or running etc. all are quite arduous sports activities which may be affected by many factors such as body temperature, condition of weather, clothing choices and so on. Our tri suits are exceptionally stretchable and provide complete freedom of movement to a sportsman for his uncompromised performance in his concerned sport.

Does a Triathlon Suit provide Sun Protection?

Triathlon suits by Deko are an ideal choice for the athletes all over the world. For this reason, we have designed our tri suits with absolute care and caution to prevent your skin from the harmful rays of sun which may cause sunburn, discoloration and skin allergies etc. Manufactured with the most durable, breathable, lightweight and stretchable fabric, it also contains UPF 50 plus UV sun protection to prevent your body from the harmful effects of sunrays. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about wearing any additional garments with a tri suit because it guarantee complete protection and comfort throughout your journey.

How does a Triathlon Suit look like?

There are different shapes and designs available in triathlon suits but we are specifically talking about one piece tri suits at the moment. There are different designs in one piece tri suits; some of these have full length zip at the front with a half-length zip at the back while some of the tri-suits have a half-length zip at the front. A tri suit is quite convenient to wear and take off which helps the athletes to save time and energy. The athletes have to carry different small provisions and equipment with themselves, therefore our tri suits are equipped with 3 rear pockets for storage purposes. Thus triathlon suits provide you enough storage space and you don’t need to carry any extra storage bag or accessory with you.

What benefits does a Triathlon Suit offer?

After a detailed discussion and overview product of tri suits, let’s have a look at some of its practical advantages and features. Many athletes have shared their wonderful experiences with these suits by calling them the most convenient choice for longer distances. Every athlete has a different environment and body’s need thus he can choose accordingly which triathlon suit fits him well. One of the most recurring benefit stated by the cyclists is that it comes with a built-in lightweight pad that keeps them safe and protected while cycling.
It is a general observation that triathlon suits help to enhance performance and experience of the athletes in their related sports and as a result, they feel more confident and focused. In short, you must consider purchasing a triathlon suit for practicing as well as practically experiencing long distance rides, tournaments, races or any other sporting adventures.


Do I need Cycling shoe Covers

Why do you need Cycling Shoe Covers?

The question ‘Why do I really need cycling shoe covers?’ might arise in your head while preparing for winter-appropriate cycling garments and equipment. Well, you don’t need to worry now! Because we are going to answer all your queries by discussing the significance of cycling shoe covers in detail. Cycling is an outdoor activity and a sport which means that you must arm yourself for all sorts of weather conditions either pleasant or unpleasant. Firstly, it is important to know the difference between shoe covers and winter socks. As many people confuse shoe covers with socks, though these are altogether different from each other. Unlike ordinary winter socks, cycling shoe covers are designed to provide protection not only to your feet but to your cycling shoes as well.

When to wear Cycling Shoe Covers?

During summer, you might not need any extra layers or cycling equipment. However, winters call for extra layering and protection. If you are a mountain biker or simply a road cyclist, you must be aware of the challenges weather throws at you. Keeping in view the troubles, you can list down the characteristics which you expect from these cycling shoe covers. There are some salient features of cycling to give you an overview of the product. Firstly, these are designed to prevent your feet from soaking wet during rainfalls. Secondly, these are made with the purpose to protect your feet from chilly winds to avoid numbness and cold. And lastly, our cycling shoe covers aim to ensure the uncompromised performance of the cyclists regardless of the weather conditions. Thus, you can clearly make up your mind by looking at the functional advantages of cycling shoe covers.

Are Cycling Shoe Covers Waterproof?

If you often catch a cold during cycling in winters, it might be due to soaking cold feet. Well, you are luckily at the right place because we have a huge variety of cycling shoe covers to keep your feet warm and dry. One of the most prominent features of our cycling shoe covers is their waterproof and water-resistant properties. As the main purpose of wearing shoe covers beneath your cycling shoes is to prevent your feet and shoes from water. Therefore, we have manufactured our cycling shoe covers with high-quality stretchable, breathable, water and wind-resistant fabrics such as XpandX fabric, 3mm Neoprene and Ripstop fabric etc. Moreover, it also has a flat seam inner seam with waterproof sealing which is quite effective to avoid soaking feet. The fabric construction can clearly serve the purpose of keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable.

Are Cycling Shoe Covers Comfortable/ Practical?

Deko has a great variety of cycling shoe covers with different sizes, colours and designs. These are particularly designed to wear beneath cycling shoes during winter, as they provide an extra layer of protection and comfort to your feet. You can also combine them with winter socks and winter-specific cycling shoes to stay warmer and comfortable. You can choose the right size and perfect fit for your feet. It has different adjustment and back closing options such as zip closing, reflective zip fastener, back hook and loop closing etc. which reduce the air pockets and hollow spaces. Moreover, the design features of these are quite impressive such as sublimation print design, screen print artwork, Deko reflective logo print etc. All these features make it essential equipment for your winter cycling needs.

What are the Practical Advantages of Cycling Shoe Covers?

Cycling shoe covers are highly in demand these days as winters are approaching and cyclists all over the world are putting their winter cycling garments and equipment together. The feet are one of the most important parts of the cyclist’s body which have a direct link with the cycling paddles. For this reason, you must have the most comfortable and durable footwear in terms of the right shoes, socks and shoe covers. Many cyclists have shared their valued experiences about our cycling that it has been a piece of constant equipment during their winter cycling adventures. They are of the view that layering the feet with an extra cover ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride by giving them a sense of confidence. Wearing shoe covers beneath the shoes absorb water and doesn’t let it reach your feet.

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Why do you need Rain/ Wind Cycling Jackets?

If you are a cyclist, you might have come across all sorts of pleasant and unpleasant weather conditions. Along with the cycling equipment, one thing that is significantly important is the right choice of cycling garments to cope with any urgent or emergency situation. Thus, it is crucial to have waterproof and wind-resistant jackets to keep you protected, warm and dry. Deko has a huge variety of waterproof and wind-resistant jackets with different vibrant colours, unique designs and exceptional features. Though it can be used for multipurpose but cyclists are our main subject of interest. As our rain/wind jackets are specifically designed for cyclists as per their cycling needs and environment.

Are these jackets breathable?

While looking for an appropriate wind/rain jacket. You might be wondering about its breathability because you can’t afford both precipitation and perspiration. One of the major features of these jackets is, that they are highly breathable along with waterproof and water repellent properties. So it helps the cyclist to maintain his body temperature through ventilation in the fabric. The combination of waterproof and breathability keeps the cyclist dry and protected during heavy rainfall or storm.

What is used in fabric construction?

The fabric and materials determine the purpose and use of a cycling garment. Unlike ordinary rainwear, our unique cycling rain/wind jackets are specifically manufactured with technically tested materials and lightweight fabrics. A variety of lightweight, wind repellent, pliable and waterproof fabrics are used in these jackets. Such as 240T Poly Pongee Ripstop, 100% Polyester, Harissa Polyester and Ripstop Polyester etc. So, that they may feel convenient and comfortable regardless of any weather.

Are these jackets comfortable?

Being a cyclist, one of your major concerns would be the comfort level in these jackets. Yes, you want to buy the appropriate cycling clothes to stay dry, warm and protected. But you may also not compromise on comfort and convenience. Deko realizes a cyclist’s urge to wear the most relaxed fit garment to ensure a smoother riding experience. This is the reason we have put extra care and attention to detail to guarantee the overall comfort. Thus, you can stay comfortable with its relaxed fit. And you can enjoy your cycling adventures to the fullest because it allows independent movement throughout the journey.

What are other/ adjustment features?

Besides ideal manufacturing and designing, these jackets have a number of adjustment features which enhance their functionality. Generally, most jackets have a full-length zip at the front with pit zips (vented armpits). Anda mandatory zippered pocket at the back. Specifically, our special waterproof, wind repellent and breathable jackets come with 3 open and 1 zippered security pocket with a rain flop to keep your valuables protected.

There is an airflow flap on the upper back and 2 back holes to carry things from the jersey’s pocket. The zippered pocket on the back has a reflective flap. Seam taping is extremely important, thus our special wind/rain jackets have weatherproof sealed seam construction to further prevent leakage. Some jackets also have an internal storm flap behind the full-length zip. Moreover, it has an elasticated cuff/shoulder and waistband on the jerseys for cyclists. So that they can adjust them as per their body’s needs. You might feel exhausted during the strenuous cycling activity.
Thus deko has utilized vented armpits also called pit zips to prevent the cyclist from perspiration effects. In addition to that, the sleeves of these jackets have front and rear reflector strips and a rear vent. Therefore, there are plenty of specifications for these jackets to reassure your decision while looking for an ideal rain/wind jacket. It will add to your most useful cycling garment for urgency and emergency situations.

What are the key benefits of rain/wind jackets?

As we have now discussed all the features and specifications of these jackets, from fabric manufacturing to the design and fitting. Let’s have a look at some of its key benefits from the perspective of a professional cyclist. They have shared many striking personal experiences regarding these.
Despite heavy rainfall and windstorms, these jackets help to manage their body temperature and make them feel safe and protected. Which is rare to find in usual rainwear. It allows them to stay driest and ventilated at the same time.

Because these jackets absorb water and vapour it away. Moreover, a number of cyclists claimed that it provided protection against the stormy and windy weather due to its wind repellent fabrics and materials. Another reoccurring benefit is that these jackets have a perfectly relaxed and comfortable fit to enhance movement and motion.

Thus there is no hindrance between the cycling gear and the body movement. It also resists abrasion, which keeps it look fresh, neat, spotless and tidy. Summing it up, there are multiple significant advantages and key tenets mentioned. Which could serve as a guide or user manual. If you are planning to invest in some exceptional rain/wind jerseys for your cycling adventures.

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One-Piece Cycling Suit for Women

The one-piece cycling suit is also known as a triathlon suit for women has become the most appropriate choice for female athletes all over the world.
If you are going on a longer ride or a race. you must be wearing clothes that would least bother you.
Thus we can say that it is the two-in-one outfit that meets the needs of most riders by having multiple useful features and advantages. Deko has a wide range of one-piece cycling suits with different designs and colours, available in all sizes. Let’s have a look at some of its prominent features.

Are One-Piece suits flexible?

You might be thinking about the stretch-ability of these outfits. Deko has designed these suits with a high functionality rate. Many female athletes have reported that one-piece suits are absolutely lightweight to wear, which also provide an excellent stretch to avoid any discomforts. Thus, one-piece suits have an ideal aerodynamic fit which prevents possible inconveniences.

What adds to its Functionality?

The fabric and material which is used in manufacturing these suits significantly enhance their functionality as most of the suits are made of Polyester, Lycra, and Spandex (XpandaX) fabric. You might be aware of the fact that these fabrics have a highly breathable tendency to keep the rider dry and comfortable. If you ride quite often, you might be aware of the challenges that come in the way; such as sweat and moisture being frequent ones. Deko’s one-piece suits are exceptionally moisture-wicking due to their Hi fil Mesh and ultra-dry properties. Many experts in the field have shared their amazing experiences with one-piece suits and tagged them as the most convenient piece of cycle clothing, especially for women.

Does it come with Padding?

One of the most crucial segments of any cycling garment is its padding. You must be well aware of its practical implications even if you are a beginner. Since we are talking about one piece of clothing garment which serves the purpose of both a jersey and shorts, it must contain the proper padding. Deko has always been very attentive to the needs of cyclists; thus it comes with the most premium padding, specifically designed for female athletes. Different combinations of gel and foam are also technically utilized in padding to keep the cyclist dry and carefree.

Why should you choose One-piece Suits?
There are multiple effective benefits and features of one-piece suits that have significantly made their way into the cyclist’s community. Imagine you are going on a long journey or a cycling race, what would be your major concerns in terms of clothing? Undoubtedly, Comfort. As it would be one of the main aspects that you can never compromise on while choosing appropriate clothing. Deko has carefully designed these one-piece garments to provide complete comfort and ease to the riders. Along with providing comfort, our one-piece cycling suits are quite durable and convenient in wearing and taking off. All these specifications might help you consider buying one-piece suits for your upcoming cycling adventures.

What does a One-Piece Suit look like?
It is a one-piece cycling garment for female athletes to ensure comfort with a chic style. Deko has manufactured a huge variety of these suits with different unique designs, vibrant colors, attractive prints and sublimation patterns with the ‘Deko’ logo on them. It also contains 3 rear pockets for storage purposes, so that you won’t need to carry any additional garments or equipment with you during the ride. Therefore, one-piece garments can perfectly align with your cycling needs and style as well.


Cycling jerseys for women

Cycling Jerseys for Women

Deko Sports UK limited has excelled in the field of providing the best cycle jerseys for women. Like men’s cycling garments, Deko ensures to meet the needs of female cyclists as well. Women cyclists in the past had to face discrimination against men in terms of clothing and cycling accessories. There were no proper women’s suits for cycling that could fulfil their feminine needs. However, with the emerging global awareness, the world has become more conscious and attentive toward women athletes and cycling in general.

Cycling Jerseys; No.1 Choice of Female Cyclists

Deko has a complete range of cycling jerseys for women available in different designs, sizes and colours. Each jersey has its own unique style to cater for the needs of every cyclist. Every woman has her own unique taste and choice as per her likes and dislikes. Deko has a promising range for all sorts of cyclists to provide diversity and variety altogether. Let’s have a look at some of the highlighting features of these cycling jerseys. which makes them ideal for modern cyclists.

  • Is it Moisture-Wicking?
    Goodbye to old and outdated thick fabrics which failed to have water-proof abilities. Our cycling jerseys are completely moisture-wicking, which does not let the sweat reach the skin and prevents the cyclists from harm from perspiration. It is almost impossible to avoid sweating during cycling, but the right clothing choice can reduce and minimize the discomfort and keep you moisture-free, cool and dry throughout the journey. Our cycling jerseys are designed and manufactured in such a splendid manner that makes them suitable for all sorts of weather. The fabric that is used ensures it quickly dries and evaporates the moisture and stops it from reaching the skin.
  • Breathable or Not?
    One of the most important things for cyclists while cycling is to feel comfortable and carefree regarding their garments; which makes cycling jerseys their top priority. Our cycling jerseys are made with 100% breathable knitted mesh (polyester).which is smoother against the skin and does not suffocate the rider throughout the journey. These cycling jerseys are designed and manufactured under proper examination to avoid all sorts of discomforts, such as skin rashes, burns or allergies etc. A cycling garment would not be preferred by female cyclists if it lacks the quality of breathability, as it is inevitable to make them feel active and fresh during their adventures.
  • Does it allow Freedom of Movement?
    A cycling jersey without stretch and elasticity is the biggest nightmare of any cyclist. The main purpose of any cycling garment is to ensure smooth movement of the body, along with providing comfort. Deko has mastered manufacturing, designing and tailoring the most stretchable cycling jerseys for women by using the elasticated fabric. There are different sorts of pathways; from steep to smooth, and our cycling jerseys are perfectly stretchable for all of these. their fabric construction and perfect manufacturing. This is also one of the most significant reasons to make cycling jerseys a priority for female cyclists.

How Does A Women Cycling Jersey Look?

As we have now discussed some of the significant attributes of a cycling jersey for women. Let’s have a look at its design and manufacturing. The cycling jersey for women comes in half-sleeves with different stylish and appealing designs. Some of the jerseys have half-length zip, whereas others have full-length zip at the front. It is totally up to the choice of the cyclist to pick any of these. There are multiple options available for pockets as well, we have 3 open-pocket and 3 open and 1 zippered iPod pocket jerseys available. It enhances the usefulness and offers a high level of functionality to the jerseys. In short, our cycling jerseys look so chic and eye-catching due to their specific feminine cut and unique design.

Why Should You Buy a Cycling Jersey?

Let’s have a detailed discussion and find out the significant reasons why you should buy a cycling jersey. Firstly, it is very important to understand the fact that cycling jerseys are entirely different from your regular clothes e.g. shirts or t-shirts etc. One cannot simply ignore its functionality and usefulness. which are responsible to keep the cyclist cool, sweat-free and comfortable. One of the most prominent features that distinguish cycling jerseys from regular clothes is their breathability. Cycling jerseys are available in both polyester and nylon materials because both have splendid attributes to help and assist the cyclist. Another useful feature of the cycling jerseys is the zipper at the front, which provide the ability for cyclists to adjust their body temperature. In short, there are various reasons to support your decision of buying cycling jerseys.

Our Cycling Jerseys Practical?

As we have already discussed the pros and cons of a cycling jersey for women. Let’s have a brief overview or summary of all the functionalities and practical uses it comes with. It would help you in making a wise decision regarding your clothing choices, particularly for cycling.

  • Cycling jerseys for women keep them sweat-free, dry and cool due to their moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Cycling jerseys protect the rider’s skin from suffocation, skin rashes, sunburn, and other skin-related allergies due to their breathable fabric.
  • Cycling Jerseys provide complete freedom of movement along with comfort to the cyclists. the great elasticity in the fabric.
  • Cycling jerseys make the riders extremely comfortable and carefree due to their lightweight fabric.
  • The front zip on the cycling jerseys allows the riders to manage their body temperature by opening or closing
  • It’s silicon anti-slip gripper on the waist protects the rider from slipping, chafing and wounds.
  • The flat lock seams construction on the cycling jerseys ensures a smooth and comfortable fit for the rider.
  • The perfect fit on the body makes the rider feel confident and comfortable.
  • Cycling jerseys are available in different sizes, colours and designs to provide versatility and freedom of choice to every cyclist.


The detailed analysis and discussion of the product can help cyclists to form their opinions regarding the right choice for their cycling needs. Women tend to be more conscious about their clothing choices in terms of design, fitting and comfort as well. Deko sets the benchmark for all those sceptical cyclists who want nothing but the best for their cycling adventures. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor cycling, working out in the gym, jogging, running or any other outdoor activities. Therefore, cycling jerseys (for women) are a must-have for all the female athletes out there.


Cycling Half Finger Gloves

A close-up photo of a female biker`s hand while riding a racing bicycle during sunset.

Are Cycling Half Finger Gloves g Essential or Unnecessary?

Can you imagine going on an adventure without the right piece of clothing on? Surely not! The same is the case with gloves as well, because your hands make direct contact with your cycle, and thus require greater protection and safety. Half-finger cycling gloves are designed to provide protection and safety to the hands, along with giving a better, firmer grip. Wearing cycling gloves is like having a layer of defence against injuries, wounds, sweating and rain.
Deko has a huge variety of both half and full-finger cycling gloves. For now, we are going to discuss half-finger cycling gloves in detail.
Firstly, it is important to understand that half-finger cycling gloves are preferable for hotter weather conditions when the temperature is high. Secondly, there are multiple features and specifications in these gloves, each different and unique from the other, specifically designed to cater for the needs of every cyclist out there. Thus, we clearly need to observe and highlight the significance and importance of half-finger cycling gloves by looking at them from all aspects.

Which Materials are used in the Palm?

The palm is the most crucial part of the hand as it has an ulnar nerve running through it which is responsible for the feeling of shock, sensation, or any subsequent discomfort while riding. We have been highly concerned regarding the tiniest issues and problems experienced by the cyclists and hence, Deko has designed the palms of cycling gloves with the most comfortable and durable materials.
We have a wide range of cycling gloves with the durable synthetic leather palm, real leather suedette palm, synthetic suede material palm, synthetic Serino material palm, 3D Mesh palm along with silicon anti-slip printing, durable suede leather palm, highly breathable mesh palm with suede synthetic leather reinforcement and digital synthetic suede palm.

Why is Padding so Important?

One of the most significant aspects of any cycling gloves is to provide protection and safety to the cyclist’s hands and to serve the purpose, padding is added to the gloves. The main purpose of padding is to provide a layer of protection to reduce the chances of skin irritation, calluses, blisters and discomfort. Even the most professional cyclists might have faced the constant pressure, friction, numbness, tingling, and vibration on palms, fingers and wrists during their long rides.We provide different types of padding such as 3mm gel and foam padding, shock absorber gel pads, EVA shockproof padding, and gel padding with a silicone printing design.
Deko has mastered designing and manufacturing the most functional and high-end cycling gloves. We take great care of the comfort and safety of all the riders out there and provide the best quality of padding in our cycling gloves. There are a number of cycling gloves available in the market, with and without padding but Deko can’t compromise on the comfort and safety of the riders. Once you experience the excellent, increased comfort, you can’t deny the pleasure of wearing these half-finger cycling gloves. In fact, many professional cyclists have used and recommended these gloves as the best choice to accompany in their cycling adventures.

How do Cycling Gloves Impact the Grip?

Imagine you are riding a bicycle for some hours without wearing professional cycling gloves and you are losing the grip of your hands on the handlebars due to fatigue, sweating and bumps! What a complete disaster and discomfort it might cause? It would make your journey so unpleasant, uncomfortable and difficult to continue. Now, think about our cycling gloves, specifically designed for professional cyclists to resolve all the above-mentioned issues. The materials used in the palm, and particularly in padding enhances the functionality and usefulness of the gloves.
Deko has the perfect cycling gloves which provide increased grip and control on the handlebars. It reduces the discomfort and slipping caused by sweaty and wet hands. The right grip can dramatically enhance the level of self-confidence and comfort of the cyclist. Our cycling gloves help in soaking up the sweat and keep the cyclist’s hands dry to ensure a safe and strong grip on the bicycle, specifically during rain and humid weather conditions.

What are the Unique Features of Cycling Gloves?

As we have now discussed various features and aspects of half-finger cycling gloves. Let’s shed some light on their overall appearance, design, shape and the material used in their manufacturing. Deko has an excellent range of cycling gloves available in all the sizing, fittings and designs to meet the needs of cyclists all over the world. It has multiple design features and specifications to choose from.
The design and overlay of half-finger cycling gloves are quite technical. Let’s have some insights into its versatile features. Most of the gloves have twin needle overlay with Stretch Polyester Mesh and Lycra back, Stretch Mesh and 4way fabric on the back with sublimation printing design, silicone anti-slip printing, and Polyester stretch fabric on the back for a snug fit. It also has a terry soft wipe thumb, and a terry towel thumb to wipe the sweat from the eyes and face. There are PULL OFF loops on middle fingers for easy glove removal, with a rubber Velcro adjuster to ensure the right fitting on the hands and magnets to keep the gloves paired and avoid inconveniences. Some of the cycling gloves have a DEKO logo hook, rubber logo at the strap and loop adjustment tab. It also has a pre-curved style for maximum fit and comfort. Some of the cycling gloves are made with breathable XpandX and XpandX mesh fabric. There is Neoprene on the knuckles and a Reflective logo print for higher visibility. The gloves with palm air holes for ventilation use with mesh material are also available.

How to Find Your Perfect Pair of Cycling Gloves?

Keep in mind all the specifications and advantages of half-finger cycling gloves and thoroughly examine through different varieties to choose what suits you the best. The major benefits of professional cycling gloves are mentioned in jottings to summarize them for your convenience.

  • Wearing half-finger cycling gloves provides complete comfort along with safety to the cyclist.
  • Its perfect palm and padding ensure a smoother and firmer grip on the cycle.
  • Cycling gloves keep the cyclist’s hands dry and sweat-free.
  • The gloves are absolutely convenient to wear and pull off as well.
    It also prevents the cyclist from the harmful effects of injuries, wounds, skin allergies and accidents.
  • It can protect your skin in case of an accidental dismount.
  • it helps in alleviating soreness and numbness in the hands.
  • The padding used in half-finger cycling gloves helps to absorb friction and vibration caused during the ride.
  • Cycling gloves can distribute the pressure from the palm, fingers and wrists to keep the hand in a comfortable position.
  • Half-finger cycling gloves are the best choice for hot and humid weather conditions to prevent sweating. It is also perfect for rain because it absorbs water and moisture.

It should not be too tight nor too loose on the hand, adjusters are made for this purpose. Try different pairs of gloves and select the one with the most natural and comfortable fit. Many cyclists have shared their valuable experiences and reviews regarding the functionality and usefulness of our gloves. They revealed that cycling gloves are the most vital and significant piece of their cycling apparel.


Bib Shorts

We have self-supporting textiles and refined fittings at Deko Sports International, Sialkot. . Mountain bikers around the globe have been using bib-free liner shorts under their baggies. Moreover, cycling outfits now provide high-end waist shorts which creates hesitancy among the riders to switch to the bib shorts. Let’s try to find the root cause of this hesitancy. 

Difference between Bib Shorts and Standard Shorts

Bib shorts are quite different from other cycling shorts and garments. As the slightest change in the riding gear significantly affects the performance of the riders, so do the cycling garments. Bib shorts provide a minimal layer of protection to the midsection, which also adds to the insulation in winters and cold weather. It holds the chamois in place, and the rider can easily adjust the seat pad without waiting for too long.

Bib shorts are more functional and hold great significance in the market for their high-class material, comfortable fittings, stretchable braces and many more useful features but high-end waist shorts are also giving a tough choice for the riders. Regular shorts do not have ‘suspenders’ (straps/ braces) like the bib shorts and the riders have to employ outdated clip-on suspenders to keep their shorts in place.

Unlike regular, outdated shorts, bib shorts have some amazing built-in features which enhance their performance and usefulness, such as the suspenders in bib shorts are not detachable now, hence saving the rider from discomfort. Bib shorts are such an ideal cycling garment that would perfectly meet the needs of today’s modern riders.

Reasons to choose Bib Shorts

The finest cycling jerseys are shorter in length to prevent fabric bunching and give a more aerodynamic fit. Taller riders wearing conventional shorts may find themselves in an exposed midriff when they take a pause.

. But a trained rider can clearly differentiate between these and can easily identify the different categories of each. Following are some significant reasons to validate and prove the usefulness and efficacy of bib shorts:

  • No WaistbandIt
    is quite obvious that the riders do not want to lose their self-assurance while mountain riding. Like, there is no drawstring or itchy and irritating elastic digging into your abdomen since there is no waistline. The rider would be less likely to feel that deep diaphragmatic breathing which restricts the blood flow and oxygen intake. As a result, the rider feels more productive, comfortable and carefree while riding, particularly over long distances. Another disadvantage of conventional waistbands is that they gather and hold moisture, increasing the risk of chafing and general discomfort. In short, it is ideal for individuals who are allergic to waistbands.
  • Unmoving/ Immovable Chamois
    The riders can avoid chafing, saddle sores and unpleasant experiences by simply keeping the chamois in its place. Bib shorts are designed and manufactured in such a way that does not let chamois move from their position. Undoubtedly, bib shorts significantly enhance the rider’s joy and journey in general.
  • Comfortable Bib-StrapsBib shorts have the most comfortable straps that provide complete comfort to the rider along with maintaining his body posture. It holds a significant impact because these straps are responsible for holding the bib shorts in place, without producing pressure on critical points of the body. The perfect garment for the riders is the one that has perfect fitting while riding and does not disturb the riding posture. Bib shorts have straps over the shoulders that are made of lightweight and breathable fabric such as Mesh or Lycra. It also prevents tugging, binding or chaffing etc.
  • Protection from sunburned
    of the most promising features of the bib shorts is that it protects the riders from the harmful rays of the sun and hence decrease the risk of sunburn. Unlike sagging jerseys and hefty cycling garments, that cause sunburn and rashes,  avoid the risk of dreaded lower back sunburn. As it has an extra piece of cloth up the torso to minimize the gaps since it covers the shoulders. However, the bib shorts are a bit warmer because of the additional layer of fabric attached to them.

Expert’s Opinions

Once, the professional and trained group of cyclists were discussing men’s cycling shorts and sharing their experiences regarding that. The discussion revealed some important insights about the cycling garments and particularly the expert’s opinions about that. One of the points that were raised about the cycling garments was the significant need for durability and storage options available to them. Experts were of the view that a cycling garment needs to be durable and must-have storage capacity or space, particularly for the off-road excursions and several-days journeys. Many trained cyclists shared their opinion that these bib shorts are designed with robust, sturdy and technical material that is good enough to bear the roughness of the ways. Moreover, it has the ability to get dry rapidly overnight and can be folded conveniently in the biking bags of the riders.

Experiences with Bib Shorts

The bike shorts and bib shorts both have multiple pockets and storage options to keep the stuff. It is quite fascinating to the rapid shift of the riders towards the as it has completely modified the mountain biking experience. Many renowned mountain bikers like Keith Bontrager, Joe Breeze and Charlie Cunningham have shifted due to the discomforts of mountain bike trousers. Not only men, but the cycling shorts for women riders have become the number one choice of elite female riders as well. The cycling shorts for women provide an additional layer of protection and multiple other useful features to ensure their hygiene and health.

Examples Given Experts

There are multiple examples, experiences and opinions of the professionals in this field regarding the efficacy and usefulness of which motivated them to shift from the regular cycling shorts. As one of the female cyclists shared her experience regarding the bib shorts, she said that while training and riding through the mountains, she saw a group of cyclists wearing which really fascinated her, as it seemed to be more convenient and more practical for the journey.  According to her personal statement, she was so excited to try on the shorts and fortunately her enthusiasm was not in vain. She believed that it was the most comfortable and smoother mountain bike experience she had with these shorts. Her followers and admirers could easily shift to the, following her footprints and wonderful experience.

Important Considerations about Bib Shorts

Every cycling garment is different from the other and each possesses its unique features. It completely depends on the choice and need of the rider to opt for a particular garment. Some riders prefer comfort over appearance, while others do not compromise on the shape and looks. As we discussed earlier, bib shorts cover the rider’s midriff which may lead to unnecessary body heat.

Another feature which may cause discomfort and irritation to the rider is that the straps are not adjustable. According to some research, bib shorts could not be suitable for heavier riders who have too broad shoulders or are too huge in size. 

The reason is the pain that an elastic waistband can cause, such as tightness and chafing. Experienced riders usually prefer Bib Shorts over non-Bib Shorts. Pit stops are tougher with mountain bike trousers on.

On the other hand, women riders have to deal with this issue at every stop. However, in cycling shorts, women prefer to remove their top half for a nature break. A few styles of pricey biker shorts for women restrict the number of layers female riders have to remove.

There are just a few stations available for the guys. If one sees a man leaning forward 90 degrees in the bushes, anyone can know what kind of shorts he is wearing.


After a detailed discussion and thorough examination of the, along with experts’ experiences and opinions. It has been observed that are comfortable and easy to wear, providing the best fitting to the rider which enhances his confidence. Bibs retain the crotch of the shorts tightly against the crotch. It also helps to keep the baggies in place. Non-Bib Shorts might cause the lower back to be exposed to the breeze and it is most likely to happen when riding in a low, aerodynamic stance. In short, Bibs have largely replaced shorts as the standard for the best cycling shorts.


MTB Shorts

What are MTB shorts?

MTB shorts are used for mountain riding and cycling training, but you may also wear them casually. Mountain bike shorts are popular among cyclists. Because they are robust and protect your legs from scuffs, scrapes, and wayward branches.

If you want to use it for training, it is exceptionally light and comfortable. MTB shorts are very smooth and long-lasting on the exterior. Good MTB shorts are soft on the inside and against your legs when bicycling. This results in bike shorts designed for riding primarily off the saddle and specifically for cycling.

The importance of using MTB shorts

Deko MTB bike shorts are shorts that are designed for mountain biking. Disheveled bike shorts for men are perfect for Tough Mountain riding. Since they provide more flexibility of movement on the bike and have side sturdiness.

Water-Resistant MTB biking shorts by Deko are ideal for wet rides. Several pairs of shorts have water-resistant back panels to protect you from trail spray. Water-resistant DWR coatings are even available on some Deko riding shorts. Stretch panels on the basic cycling shorts ensure a tight fit on the bike.

The mountain bike shorts with a loose fit that can accommodate all of a rider’s adventurous delights. They have cargo pockets for added usefulness and a high-visibility reflector to keep you safe on the road.

An elasticized waist hem at the border of these baggy shorts ensures a smooth leg grip in good bike shorts. The MTB cycling shorts men are a superb choice of quality and elegance for a relaxed mountainous ride to a thrilling steep ride.

How do bike shorts differ from standard shorts?

Bike shorts are intended to meet the unique needs of cycling clothing and the riding posture – high, elasticated waistbands; vents to allow cool air in; avoidance of flapping materials that might chafe or get in the way; seams engineered and positioned to reduce discomfort, and so on. The fit of MTB shorts, materials, and pockets all contribute to the enhancement of cycling pants. That means there are no seams between you and the saddle, no odd bunching or chafing when you cycle. Deko Mountain biking shorts manufactured from technical materials that dry fast, have a little stretch. They are tough enough to withstand trees and boulders are the best. Finally, decent mountain bike shorts will include zippered strategic pockets to keep your phone and other valuables safe. All of these things add up to a significant difference in the route.

Important considerations before you buy MTB Shorts

MTB bike shorts for men are constructed of more environmentally friendly outdoor materials such as TASLAN and usually come with waist cinch adjusters and convenient compartments. Shorts that aren’t as tight-fitting as bib shorts. However, keep these points in mind while shopping for men’s bike shorts. So that you may buy the most satisfactory goods possible

  1. Lightweight:

Shorts for biking should be comfortable. Lightweight and comfortable on the skin For lengthy, pedal-intensive rides, pick the most comfortable and aerodynamic alternative since they provide an excellent range of movement and are not prone to chafing.

Make sure your MTB bicycle shorts are constructed of current, breathable fabrics. Water vapour escapes through the cloth rather than accumulating on the skin, and perspiration is drawn away from the skin and evaporated.

  1. Panelling

Bike shorts are made of panels that are contoured to accommodate the body in the riding posture. The more panels a pair of shorts has, the more curvature it has. In the days of wool shorts, this was critical when the fabric had very little flexibility. Premium shorts include curved, multi-density shammies that are more supple and comfortable on extended rides and less prone to germs and stink.

  1. Robust but not too heavy

Cycling shorts that are too hefty might obstruct your journey. Make sure your bicycling clothing is the right size and material. It will not only keep you energized, but it will also make your trip more enjoyable. Bicycling clothing that is too heavy will strain your legs, requiring extra effort to pedal. The cyclist shorts apparel also makes baggy shorts, which aren’t just for looks; they have several functional features that MTB cyclists will appreciate. They’re made of sturdy, lightweight nylon materials that give more protection from brambles, twigs, and the odd brush with the ground than thin Line Tuc, and they have plenty of pockets and cooling air vents.

  1. Waistband that you can easily adjust

Cycling shorts must have a comfortable and adjustable elasticated waistband and a secure fastening that is easy to use with gloved fingers. Cooling vents may appeal to you if you are a hard-working rider.

  1. Practicality

Some individuals dislike wearing bib shorts and prefer riding shorts to have more functionality. Storage options include a variety of cargo compartments as well as a zip-secured pocket for valuables, but keep in mind that pedalling with pockets full to the brim or carrying sharp things in your pockets with the danger of falling is neither comfortable nor desirable.

  1. Optional Extras

Many bicycle shorts will come with extra bells and whistles, some of which will be beneficial. Like adjustable straps to keep the cloth from flapping or fouling, reflective panels for nighttime travel, and others that will not. Although all shorts are slightly different and you must discover what works best for you, you usually get what you paid for.

However, the more costly the shorts, the more research and development that has gone into the production process, resulting in higher quality, lighter materials, advanced features, flatlock seams, enhanced leg grippers, and other technological characteristics. To get the most significant experience, you may personalize your bike shorts.

  1. Active and comfortable ride

Shorts for biking should be comfortable. The best mountain bike shorts are comfortable in the saddle and all-day wearable.

MTB shorts protect you from errant branches, gravel, water, and dust. The ribbed finish of the Active cycling shorts is both comfortable and fashionable, and the sweat-wicking feature is also beneficial to the rider.

Dos and Don’ts of wearing MTB Shorts

Most road cyclists choose conventional cycling shorts, however, mountain cyclists prefer baggies because the outer layer protects them from weeds and thorns. However, whether you’re a roadie or a mountain biker, this is primarily a matter of tradition, and you may wear anything you choose. The considerable dos and don’ts are:

  • The majority of mountain bikers aren’t concerned about aerodynamics and instead choose shorts based on aesthetics and comfort.
  • In order to avoid saddle sores and skin chafing, the butt/seat interaction is critical.
  • Because of the unclean bacteria, soiled shorts don’t perform as effectively as newly washed ones.

Why does mountain biker want MTB short?

A pair of cycling shorts’ primary function is to prevent the cyclist from saddle sores and chafes by providing a layer of cushioning tailored to fit the riding posture. The mountain bike shorts with a loose fit can accommodate all of a rider’s adventurous delights. They have cargo pockets for added usefulness and a high-visibility reflector to keep you safe on the road. Mountain biking shorts manufactured from technical materials that dry fast, have a little stretch, and are tough enough to withstand trees and boulders are the best.

This is a big reason why mountain bikers want MTB shorts over ordinary shorts. That means there are no seams between you and the saddle, no odd bunching or chafing when you cycle, and enough length to cover your knee pads.

Premium MTB shorts offer a higher rate since they are more shaped, allowing them to move more freely on your skin. Most biking shorts include added comfort, which is perfect for extended rides and races. The most significant element of bike shorts is the design and structure in the seating area. It can mean the difference between a pleasant journey and one that is excruciating.


A mountain bike and a road bike have extremely distinct appearances. Therefore it’s only natural that the rider would as well. Most mountain bikers wear baggy shorts over bib shorts to boost crash protection and durability, which many riders find more comfortable than bibs alone.

The best mountain bike shorts are comfortable in the saddle and all-day wearable. MTB shorts protect you from errant branches, gravel, water, and dust.